Biography of Author Pam McClelland

Pam McClellandAuthor Pam McClelland was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where McClelland lived until she was 11. From there McClelland and her family moved to Stratford, Connecticut. Pam McClelland was raised in a household with three brothers and sisters where there was always more month than money! McClelland held a plethora of part-time jobs from the age of 13 trying to keep her head above water! When she joined the USAF at the age of 18, it was the first time McClelland was introduced to a steady income stream. Following what she learned from her parents, McClelland spent every penny she made! McClelland was an aircraft mechanic during the time when few women were. After work, Pam and her girlfriends from the barracks "shopped till they dropped" in the malls of Omaha! McClelland continued this trend through numerous assignments to Florida, England, Michigan, North Carolina, and Virginia. McClelland had a career change late in her military years when she started working in the Military Family Support business. The good news was McClelland saw most of Europe and got a bachelors degree in Psychology (thanks to the GI bill)...the bad news was McClelland had not saved a dime and convinced herself that using credit cards to buy things she could not afford was a good idea!

Pam McClellandThen McClelland's life changed in all ways and all in the same month! In Oct of 2000 McClelland retired from the military after 25 years of service, got divorced, and accepted a job in a Family Support Center in Washington, DC. It was during that move to Northern Virginia that Pam McClelland had a life changing event! She found an apartment that was perfect for her -- it over looked Macys!! McClelland was overjoyed until her application was denied because her debt-to-income ratio had caused her credit score to plummet! All those credit cards' charges were coming back to haunt her. McClelland was devastated! To make matters worse, the position she had accepted in the Family Support Center was as a personal financial counselor! McClelland vowed that day that her financial situation would never keep her from doing what she wanted to do again! Well they say the best way to learn something is to teach it, so McClelland obtained a certification in personal financial counseling, completed a Masters Program in Adult Education and developed her way of achieving financial success!

Author Pam McClelland says, "Ever since I developed my way of achieving financial success, I have been sharing 'my way' with others. I have a debt-free life that I share with my wonderful husband! We have an awesome life that we enjoy and can afford. I hope my book will help you do the same!!"

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By Pam McClelland

Take Your Spreadsheet and Shove It: Using YOUR Personality to Achieve Financial Success

Take Your Spreadsheet and Shove It
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